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Check out what's new in Horizon Tenant Management! We've added a Tenant Deposit Report, ORE interface, FSS Case Notes, and new enhanced alerts. Read on for details.
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Payroll updates are in progress to enable the latest version of IRS form 941.  While updating Payroll, Horizon also made some changes to our Tenant Management system.  During our end of year webinar, Horizon will address these features, but we’d like you to take full advantage of them now!

Tenant Deposit Report

The new report can be found under Reports > Accounting Reports > Tenant Accounting Deposit Report.  Many filtering options exist such as Check Book ID, custom date range, Area/Community options, and the ability to focus on a particular Batch ID/Batch Number.  This report is extremely helpful when confirming all deposits posted during the month.  While the Tenant Monthly Balance Report by Category totals payments throughout the month excluding Security Deposits, the newly Designed Deposit Report will capture rent payments and all security deposits. Along with constraining the report in various ways, one can also determine the level of detail that is printed. Personally, I prefer option 4, Deposit Date.  This level of detail allows one to see all deposits throughout the month and can easily be tied to the checkbook on Financials. Don’t be scared, give it a try!

Online Rental Exchange (ORE)

Additionally, we added the interface to Online Rental Exchange (ORE).  If you are utilizing ORE’s service to run criminal and credit reports in the Waiting List, those same reports can now be run in the Tenant Master. Simply pull up the tenant, click on quick link, and select Online Rental Exchange at the bottom.  From there, all reports can be initiated and stored on the Attachments view.

FSS Case Notes

Check this feature out: You can now create and print the Individual Training and Services Plan that is part of the FSS Contract. Track Final and Interim Goals while documenting key activities and dates.  While the FSS participant is selected in the Tenant Master, click on quick link and select FSS Case Notes.  From the Case Notes view, begin Adding Final Goals related to Employment, Homeownership, and Welfare. When adding a Final Goal, assign start and end dates that can be used to monitor an individual’s progress. Document Interim Goals and Activities within each Final Goal. All Goals and activities can be assigned to the Head of Household or a member(s) in the family.  The Individual Training and Service Plan will clearly list each member with their Goals and Activities!

New Alerts

Finally, don’t be alarmed if you see red buttons on the Tenant Master that are labeled NO Calc, Need 58, or Update 58.  As Annual and Interim Recertifications are processed, the system will now alert when a Rent Calculation or 50058 is missing.  For example, if the Effective Date is changed to 10/1/2021, the system will now post an alert that reads NO Calc.  Simply click on that button to process the Rent Calculation (no more Quick Link > Rent Calculation).  Once the Rent is verified and saved, another button will appear, Need 58 – click that to create your 50058.  Much easier then going to Quick Link > Create 50058!  Finally, if changes are made to the Rent Calculation after the 50058 has been generated, a new button will appear, Update 58.  That button must be click so the 50058 is current.  Very cool features that help keep your Rent Calc in line with the 50058!

As I mentioned earlier, these changes will be further discussed during our end of year webinar.  Horizon is working extremely hard to improve our online documentation:  The What’s New and How To sections of the software are currently under construction.  Our goal is to create help files that are easy to read and follow!

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