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Housing Management

Drive vitality and care for your Tenants with an easy-to-use, scalable solution.

Horizon’s Suite of Housing Modules provides a seamless interface from one module to the next.  Core server-based modules are accompanied by several web-based applications including – Online Application, Landlord Portal, and Employee Portal – creating efficient communication among housing authority staff, tenants, and landlords.  Horizon understands the challenges Housing Authorities face with ever-changing regulations.  Including decreasing operating budgets.  That is why along with cutting edge products and a commitment to excellent customer service, Horizon assures affordability.  Our annual maintenance investments are by far the most affordable in the industry.   Finally, our users know their business, and we listen.  Horizon users are given unique opportunities to drive the future of the software.

  • Integrated applications provide seamless transition
  • Web-Based products enhance communication
  • Maintenance and Inspection employees publish results in real time
  • Superior Customer Service
  • Online Help Documentation, Webinars, and User Groups
  • Affordable Annual Maintenance and Training Packages
  • Integrated options such as Financials, Payroll, Human Resources

With 30 years of industry leadership, no other partner provides unmatched data intelligence and comprehensive capabilities that enable your organization to connect you with your tenants and landlords.   Ensure the long-term sustainability and growth of your organization with Horizon.

“We have been using Horizon Information System’s Software for over 25 years. 

We are very satisfied with both the software and the level of support that we receive from the Company.  Problem resolution, depending on the severity of any given issue, happens very quickly, usually within hours, not days.  The level of knowledge that their staff has to support the product is tremendous.  One of the biggest advantages that we have using their software is the ability to get what we need in the way of changes and updates when HUD dictates them.  They are always up on the current status of HUD, and other requirements and see that the software is updated to incorporate the changes.

We are a large Housing Authority with over 1800 Public Housing, 1800 Housing Choice Vouchers, 400+ Section 8 New Construction, 45 Tax Credit (with 47 more under construction), and several hundred additional units under various programs.  The software can accommodate all of the different programs.

I would highly recommend.”

Comptroller, Westmoreland County Housing Authority

Software Modules

SIMPLIFY WITH HORIZON:  Connect your organization with a consistent user experience, shared data, and leading-edge innovation.

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