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Operate more efficiently for the leaders and residents of your district.

Horizon provides solutions to cover the needs of Municipalities.  Whether you need a more efficient way to produce and track Utility Bills or you are looking for a Financial or Payroll package — Horizon has you covered.  We provide stand alone solutions as well as a multi-module integrated solution for a comprehensive approach to your municipality’s needs.  All our solutions have substantial reporting and processing features built-in along with the expertise of decades of user feedback from our municipal partners.

  • Utility Billing made simple
  • Definable user profiles based on access levels
  • Flexible set up based on user requirements
  • Unparalleled customer support and training
  • Competitive pricing
  • Integrated options such as Financials, Payroll, Human Resources

“The Horizon Staff provides excellent support-expert and fast.”

Accountant, West Hills Regional Police Department         

Integrated Solutions

SIMPLIFY WITH HORIZON:  Connect your organization with a consistent user experience, shared data, and leading-edge innovation.

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