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Intellectual Disability Agencies

Amplify your mission. Maximize your impact.                                  Solutions for residential, nonresidential, and community participation.

From Horizon’s Stratus Cloud Business Solutions, we bring you ID Solution – a completely web-based Electronic Medical Record system that fully tracks your agency’s billing and documentation histories.

Stratus Cloud

We know your organization strives to enhance the lives of the individuals you care for — but relying on multiple, disconnected systems or billing by hand could be severely limiting your care potential and causing your organization lost revenue. Many providers today are burdened by compliancy requirements that are constantly growing and remain dependent on paper-driven processes. By implementing standardized, digital processes, you can eliminate chances for human error and save yourself and your employees valuable time.

  • EVV Entry
  • PROMISe Billing Made Simple
  • ISP Integration & Electronic Attachments
  • Definable User Profiles Based on Access Levels
  • Customizable Documentation
  • Easy Service Entry
  • Job Entry Capability for ID Training Centers
  • Unparalleled customer support and training
  • Low Monthly Subscription Pricing
  • Integrated Options including Financials, Payroll, and HR

Horizon’s ID Solution seamlessly integrates with the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services guidelines assuring billing and EVV compliance.  Developed specifically for billing PROMISe and other payors, Horizon’s ID Solution addresses the unique issues faced by ID providers in Pennsylvania. Our low monthly subscription pricing is based upon your organization’s size and needs.

“I have been using Horizon Information Software for our ID billing for over three years now and it is by far the best billing system that I have seen. The Horizon software is extremely user friendly – even for the novice.”

​                Accounting Manager, ARC Human Services

Integrated Solutions

Simplify with Horizon. Connect your organization with a consistent user experience, shared data, and leading-edge innovation.

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