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Check out these helpful new suggestions for tracking manual EVV entries. We have also compiled a quick How To for Residential Attendance Entry.
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EVV – Tracking Manual Entries

As outlined in OLTL and ODP Bulletin 07-20-04, 54-20-04, 59-20-04, 00-20-03:

If an EVV visit is missing information or the EVV visit information was entered incorrectly and requires any type of edit or correction, this is deemed a manual edit. If a provider must manipulate data, add missing data, or change data in any way after the service is delivered, this is deemed a manual edit.

Manual edits in EVV are accepted but should never be the primary source of visit capture information. ODP expects providers to achieve 50% of EVV records for verified visits without manual edits from January 1, 2021 and moving forward.

To assist in tracking the number of manual entries being made, Provider Management has been updated with a report to show the EVV manual entries.

  1. Go to REPORTS menu > Consumer Time Tracking Listing
  2. Enter the dates/program/consumer, etc.
  3. In the OPTIONS section, check SHOW MANUAL ENTRY ONLY
  4. The report will display the entries that were manually entered/edited


Residential Attendance Entry – Load My Homes

Residential attendance needs entered to show when a consumer was present at a residential home or on medical/therapeutic leave. The information entered will flow into the billing process for both the eligible and ineligible claims.

If you have multiple staff who enter attendance for your various residential homes, Provider Management allows for homes to be assigned to specific staff.  Then when entering attendance, staff can select LOAD MY HOMES to display only the homes assigned to them.

To add homes to a specific staff:

  1. Go to MAINTAIN menu > Master Tables > Employee Master
  2. Select the employee
  3. Click on the HOME ASSIGNMENT tab
  4. In the grid CODE column, select the home (by facility number)
  5. Press tab
  6. Continue adding all the homes for the staff
  7. Click SAVE at the top of the Employee Master dialog box

When entering attendance:

  1. Go to TRANSACTION menu > Attendance Entry
  2. Select the attendance option and date ranges
  3. Click the LOAD MY HOMES button
  4. All the individuals active in each of the homes will display in the grid
  5. Click the Create Attendance button
  6. Both the attendance record and billing will be created
  7. Review the Service Detail Report to review the entries created

TIP:  The quickest way to enter attendance for a home is using Multiple Attendance/Load My Homes by creating attendance for all consumers for the entire time frame selected. Then go into Individual Attendance and only change the dates that were with day or therapeutic/medical leave.  The second entry will overwrite initial entry.

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