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HOTMA Update 2023

HUD hosted its most recent call for IT Vendors on Thursday, August 17, 2023. During the meeting, Horizon and all other participating vendors agreed that some announcements from HUD related to HOTMA have been misleading. We wanted to touch base with our customers to clarify details and provide a status update as we prepare for the upcoming HOTMA changes.

Software vendors, including Horizon, are waiting on HUD to provide critical items related to this update process. This list of items includes both updated documentation as well as development on the Housing Information Portal (HIP) system.

During the call, HUD iterated that the 1/1/2024 effective date is being emphasized so that PHAs know not enforce these requirements prior to that date. With the current delays in development, it is unlikely that any software vendors will be able to comply with all HOTMA changes by this date. HUD is fully aware of this situation. Vendors on the call requested that HUD release communication clarifying deadlines, explaining HUD’s role in stalling the software development process, and identifying what is expected of PHAs during this time.

At present, Horizon is working diligently to implement as many HOTMA-related changes to our Housing software as possible. We are in the early stages of testing integration with the available HIP system and staying up-to-date on all releases.

We will be hosting a webinar on Wednesday, September 13th to discuss all HOTMA-related software updates. We are expecting to receive status updates from HUD by the end of August and will be able to better estimate overall completion once we do. Please reply to this email or give us a call at 814-535-7810 with any questions.

Thank you,

The Horizon Team

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