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8 Cyber Security Tips to Keep Your Remote Workers Safe – Nordic Partner Blog

As the country makes great strides to re-open following the pandemic, there are still many people that plan to continue working from home. Our IT team relies on Nordic Backup for their trustworthy Cloud Backup as well as their leading industry insight. We urge you to check out the following tips if your agency staff is continuing to work from home.
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Contact Admin Webinar – Recap & Instructions

Last Friday, Dave Gallucci hosted a Horizon Support Portal webinar with guidelines for Contact Admin users. We have included some important recaps and instructional handouts for your convenience, as well as a link to the full webinar recording.
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Tips for Implementing Password Policy

It can be easy to get in the habit of choosing passwords for convenience rather than protection. At Horizon, we are constantly taking efforts to protect your data and educate users on the most current cyber security recommendations. If you do not currently enforce an agency password policy, we highly recommend implementing these password guidelines as soon as possible.
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Payroll Disaster Recovery

Does your disaster recovery plan include payroll? One key business component that can often get overlooked during disaster planning is Payroll. It is critical, and in some cases legally required, to ensure that you and your employees are still compensated for hours worked during a disaster. Check out our expert tips on incorporation Payroll in your planning.
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Preventing Ransomware Attacks – Nordic Partner Blog

One major misfortune brought on by the pandemic has been the dramatic increase in cybersecurity breaches and online fraud incidents. At Horizon, the safety of your data is always our top priority. A key component in combatting these attacks is educating all users on ways to prepare and prevent themselves from falling victim to scammers.
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EVV News April 2021

If you use Stratus ID to submit your EVV information to the SanData aggregator, you are considered an Alternate EVV user. PA DHS issued an update on 3/29 reminding alternate EVV users regarding the following topics:
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